Stupid remarks and their consequences

caines | 4/19/2012, 5 a.m.

It seems like this is a monthfor stupid remarks.First, the president of the Marlins, Samson, publicly criticizes the politicians in this town. Then Marlins manager Guillen praises Castro in a backhanded way that infuriates every Cuban in Miami. Now Captain Beckman rants against every Black parent, including Trayvon Martins parents. I wonder if something isin the water that makes people in this county come out and say stupid things. I believe that in this age of instant news any stray remark that is not carefully thought out can be disastrous. How does a country that espouses free speech come to grips with manager Guillen being suspended in order to attempt to quell the outrage of the Cuban community. In any other town in this country and in most of Latin America, a statement that praises Castro for surviving multiple assassination attempts would not be newsworthy.In fact, in most of Latin America, the embargo and isolation of Cuba is seen as anachronistic. President Obama and the United States are being criticized in the Summit of Americas for excluding Cuba. On the other hand, only an idiot would praise a dictator who caused 50 percent of this community to be uprooted from their homeland. Likewise, Samsons criticism of politicians is the cornerstone of free speech. We are entitled by our constitution to speak out against the government.However, Samson, after getting a stadium built on the taxpayer dime, should have been more politically correct. To me, he had a moment of temporary lunacy.What I find most interesting is that he was not suspended for his lunacy, while manager Guillen suffered a suspension. Perhaps the Marlin owners feel that they already got their taxpayer paid stadium and the politicians cannot hurt them at this point. But an enraged Cuban community that boycotts the Marlins would have a disastrous impact on the bottom line. Now,Captain Beckmans rant on Facebook, even his private Facebook page, was unwise, to say the least.Captain Beckman works in a multicultural community. If he views all Blacks as welfare recipients, how can he supervise Black employees or serve the Black community? I agree that he has a right to post anything he wants on Facebook, but smart people would understand that once you put something on the Internet it can be disseminated to the world. I guess what bothers me the most about Captain Beckman is that neither of Trayvon Martins parents are on welfare.Captain Beckman is using stereotypes to denigrate a family that just lost their son.He shows both insensitivity and racism.I am interested in what happens to him next.Does he suffer the consequences of Guillen or Samson?The Black community has not shown the outrage of the Cuban community so maybe his insensitivity gets swept under the rug. By Reginald J. Clyne, Esq.,Miami Times columnist, rjc@clynelegal.com