Scott rewards pals with task force post

caines | 4/26/2012, 5 a.m.

The killing of Trayvon Martin has created a new discussion and a new demand for justice in Florida, the country and the world. Gun violence in Florida has reached epidemic and disturbing levels with the killing of Trayvon Martin and Governor Scott has decided to evaluate the controversial Stand Your Ground law. In the last two weeks he has assembled a 17-member board to help bring calmness back to the state and to determine if this law is progressive and improves public safety. We have seen a gun rights expansion in the state and more residents are buying and carrying concealed weapons than ever before. Many believe the criminal element has exploded in the state and feel it is important to defend yourself and be prepared for any altercation. In this twisted world of gun violence, some of the members of the task force have supported and sponsored gun legislation, and voted for it in the Florida legislature. Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, the chairperson, was instrumental in co-sponsoring the Stand Your Ground law in 2005 and voted for it. Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, co-sponsored the law as well is a member of the committee. He says that it doesnt need to be changed. The vice chair is Rev. R.B. Holmes who provides an alternative voice on the task force; other members are legal professionals and neighborhood watch volunteers from across the state. It is expected that they will travel around the state and submit their findings to Scott, his administration and the Florida legislature. There is no telling how important this fact-finding committee will be in determining if the law is beneficial to the residents of the state. But Mayor Bob Buckhorn is expected to reach out to Scott for help and keeping concealed firearms away from everyone during the Republican Convention in Tampa. However, it is extremely ironic that the mayor is an owner and a supporter of concealed weapons, but during the convention he wants the law suspended. There is something wrong with laws that only make sense some of the time. Making the right decisions on gun laws will either move our state forward or push us back in despair. It is time to better regulate the purchase of guns and control want-to-be cops who have no knowledge on gun laws and rights. It is my hope that the task force finds that the Stand Your Ground law puts public safety at risk. Roger Caldwell is the CEO of On Point Media Group in Orlando.