Street Talk: April 25, 2012

caines | 4/26/2012, 5 a.m.

Does owning a gun make a person more prone to acts of violence?

Barbara McCall, 54Miami, postal worker No, they wont. Just because you own a gun doesnt mean youll go out and do something with it. There are people who own guns but choose not to use them at all. Its all up to the individual to decide how to use it. Juanita Coleman, 50sAllapatta, retired social worker I think that the more guns that we have in the community, the more those guns are going to be used. People are more apt to use a gun if they find themselves in a situation where they are not comfortable or if maybe if they feel their life is in danger. But I think that we also need to have more awareness in our community about gun laws. Wik Lauriston, 42Miami, truck driver No, because everyone is in charge of their own decisions that they make. You could replace having a gun with having a knife or having a car. Now are you more likely to stab someone because you have that knife? Or will you run someone down because you are driving a car? It doesnt matter what sort of weapon you have. It all depends on if a person has bad intentions to use that weapon. E.W. Jones, 66Liberty City, unemployed Yes, people are more likely to use their guns. I know if I would have had one at the time someone shot me, I sure would have shot them back. Mathie Edwards, 50sMiami, retired Yes, because if you have a gun, youre going to use its. Its very hard to maintain your temper when its that accessible. And my I add that anyone who has anger management issues doesnt need to own any guns. Anthony Bell, 27Miami, student I think it depends on two major factors. The first is the individual. The second is what cultural identity that individual identifies with. Because of those reasons, I think the Black man will be more prone to using the guns they own because we have endured more conflict, oppression, depression and adversity than anyone else. Were at the point where we just dont care anymore. But, these factors only apply to some Black men.