Still no clues on murder of Miramar High athlete, Paul Royal

mcneir | 8/1/2012, 6 a.m.

It has been over a week since Miramar Highs college-bound and stand-out football player, Paul Royal,18, was shot and killed in front of a friends home. The unidentified gunmen, who allegedly walked up to his car and began firing, remain on the loose. Royals parents are speaking out and calling on anyone who witnessed the crime to come forward. Yes, I need some answers, said Royals mother Tiffany Davis in a recently-televised interview. Royal was shot and killed last Tuesday afternoon while sitting in a car in Miami Gardens. According to reports, the gunmen wore ski masks and ran away after the shooting. Its like he was snatched away from us, said Royals father, Damion Davis. He didnt deserve this. Royal was set to attend college at Edward Waters College in Jacksonville. His bags were packed and he had just finished his last minute shopping with his aunt. Royal was scheduled to leave for Jacksonville on Saturday. All P.J. wanted was to get out of Miami and start his new chapter, a new life, a good life, said Royals aunt, Latoya Perry. Royal went to his friends house to pick him up. From there, the intended plan was to return to Royals home to play Playstation, according to Royals aunt. His athletic abilities set him apart from his peers and from most reports he was a well-liked teenager. But it wasnt enough to protect him the danger of the streets. Royals death is among the sudden surge in violence in Miami Gardens. According to reports, Royal was the second shooting victim in Miami Gardens that day. Heather Young,26, was walking on the sidewalk when she was approached from behind and shot several times in the head and torso at NW 210th Terrace and 34th Court. The shootings are believed to be unrelated, according to Miami Gardens police. By Ju'lia Samuelsjsamuels@miamitimesonline.com