Are Miami Dolphins back?

caines | 8/2/2012, 5:30 a.m.

On the heels of the Miami Heat winning their second NBA championship, a common thought among us media types was too bad this had to end. Now we could all look forward to football season (moan). Yes South Florida's favorite whipping boys are back, the team everyone used to love, your Miami Dolphins. Times have been hard on the team that once owned this town. In recent years they became a laughing stock, one error after another, rejected by free agent players and coaches alike. So dolfans have certainly come to expect the worst from these guys. So as we stumble upon a new season, in typical Dolphin fashion the team started day one of training camp without top draft pick and franchise quarterback hopeful Ryan Tannehill. Due to certain language in his contract the two sides could not come to an agreement before training camp opened this past weekend. These types of situations were supposed to have been eliminated during the last collective bargaining agreement, however leave it to the Dolphins to screw that up. Bottom line however is the deal was done and the prized rookie quarterback is in camp. There are many unanswered questions about this years team, such as with the new uptempo offense under head coach Joe Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman where will the explosiveness come from on offense? Who will be the playmakers this team desperately needs now that Brandon Marshall is a Chicago Bear ? Will it be Chad Johnson, the former Ocho Cinco? How about another year of being overworked for Reggie Bush? The Dolphin wide receiving core could not scare the Florida City Razorbacks. There is some hope however, the newly drafted hometown kid Lamar Miller from the University of Miami should provide some big plays, also look for improved play from TE/H-Back Charles Clay. Could this be the year Clyde Gates hands catch up to his speed? All of these things remain to be seen as the Dolphins try to avoid the cellar in the AFC East. The Patriots are sure to be elite once again, the Jets will be tough as usual and Buffalo is certainly going to be an improved bunch as well. So don't give up hope dolfans, your team has as good a shot as any right now, so strap on your helmets, fire up the tailgate and lets get behind this team. HBO's Hard Knocks is also in camp to document the whole thing, so ask yourself this dolfans. Why not us?