Black men must step forward to save our youth

caines | 8/2/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Outstanding! Your article about the Black mens roundtable was one of the best articles I have read in some time.From the first line, you captured the essence of what the roundtable is all about, the sense of urgency we must have to save our Black youth and our communities. Your article invoked critical thinking as to how we as a community has gotten to this point, and where do we go from here. It left me wanting more. As the leading newspaper for our minority community, I applaud your efforts in making this an important issue. I found it very appropriate that the article appeared on the same page with the story of the Opa-locka shooting in which two young Black men were killed.The Opa-locka story enhanced the importance of having these roundtables to address to needs, education, and protection of our young Black men. I am also appreciative of how you focused on the positive Black men in our community who were willing to take the time to speak to our Black men and boys. It really helps when these men, editors like you and publications like The Miami Times reach out to address these issues. Together, I am confident that we will have a positive impact in the lives of many Black youth, and in our communities. Desmond Meade Miami