Campbell faces charges but denies any wrong

caines | 8/2/2012, 5:30 a.m.

State Dems say it may be best for her to step down State Representative Daphne Campbell [D-108] has faced her share of problems recently including a Medicaid fraud probe and her son, Gregory, set to appear in court this fall for his alleged participation in mortgage fraud. But now, with a new investigation launched by agents from the Internal Revenue Service [IRS], the legal problems and potential disaster for Campbell, 55, her husband Hubert, 47 and son, may mark the beginning of the end for her political future. Campbell has yet to make an official statement but said in an interview with The Miami Times, that she is innocent of any wrong doing. The Miami Herald never spoke with me and I dont know anything about any tax problems, she said. I have been making payments regularly and even have money taken from my pay check. My accountant is working with the IRS and we are scheduled to meet in late August. This is just another ploy by my opponents and enemies who want to make sure I am not re-elected. Thats why its all coming up at this time. Its just not true.

Does Campbell have Demssupport?

Campbell suggested that those who question her support from the Democratic Party look at her website for endorsements from several colleagues. But while that may be true, it does not erase the fact that a statement has been issued from the Florida State Democratic Party. According to the statement issued by Communication Director David Bergstein, Any member of the Legislature accused of something this serious should consider stepping down. Richard Lydecker, chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, expressed his concern about the latest charges facing Campbell. But he was unwilling to say she should resign. She needs to come forward and bring some clarity to these accusations, he said. The State party has recommended that she resign but I am withholding my position pending the release of further information. If the several charges are true that is very troubling. We must remember that there is a higher standard to which elected officials must be held. I need and want to hear what she has to say. Alix Desulme, 34, a candidate for District 108, says stepping down must remain Campbells decision. I dont know what she plans to do but I know the voters will make up their minds on Aug. 14th, he said. Its up to her to figure out whether she goes or not. But she has already shown us that she tends to align herself with the Republicans not the Democratic Party. Our voters are smart and want someone that is honest and ethical to represent them. Pat Santangelo, another candidate for District 108 said, I have no opinion This is between State Representative Campbell and the Democratic Party. By D. Kevin McNeirkmcneir@miamitimesonline.com