Chatter That Matters: August 1 2012

caines | 8/2/2012, 5:30 a.m.

There is much news from the Historical Hampton House Trust [HHHT] and Dr. Enid C. Pinkney is in the midst. She sent out a special thanks to those who responded to her memorandum of understanding prepared by Attorney Thomas Mathov including: Rev. Jesse Martin, Isabella Rosete and Dr. Edwin Demeritte. The HHHT is sponsoring a luncheon on Saturday, September 29 at the Church of the Open Door, 6001 NW 8th Ave., at noon. Entertainment will feature the Hampton House Band under the direction of Dr. Richard J. Strachan, Mary Hylor, Keya J. Curtis and other entertainers. Honorees will be John Marks, Ronald Blocker and Dr. Harry Coaxum. Kudos go out to the membership including Dr. Larry Capp, Ruby T. Rayford, David J. Shorter, Dr. Sandra Billingslea, Dr. Marvin Dunn, Betty Ferguson, Kathy Hersh, Leroy Jones, Penny Lambeth, Dr. Preston Marshall, Dr. Gay F. Outler, Arva M. Parks, Leslie Rivera, Harvey Rubin, Charlayne W. Thompkins, Adria Wiley and Helen Williams. The Lamplighters Club was established in 1992 with Bro. Sherman Whites as the founder and 30 young men from area elementary, middle and senior high schools. Credit goes out to Brothers Jet, Keith Hylor, James Ingram, James Dukes, R.T. Fisher, Cordell Hayes, John Williams and more that have given 20 years of service to this effort. Lamplighters that stood out were Mark Lockwood, Samuel Boo Boo Brown, Jason Lopez, Marvin Lewis, Marlon Brown, Clifford Miller, Clifton Miller and presently Darius Jamal Albury-Williams. Darius is the son of Miranda Albury and Harry B. Williams. Leo Albury is the proud grandfather. Kudos go out to Kayla Dorsey, social studies teacher at Doctors Charter School, who planned a trip to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Ruben Island giving 10 students a wonderful educational experience. A highlight of their trip was visiting the jail cell of Nelson Mandela. Making the trip were Kayla Joseph, Ashley Vilsaint, Shellee Baker, Stephanie Bent, Nicole Stallworth, Taniah Goree, Brittany Maglorie, Makanka Levy, Brianna Bruny and John Stewart. Some of the retired coaches are still meeting at Michaels Diner for the camaraderie, open discussions and cracking jokes on somebody to get the biggest laugh. Jokes came when William Snell arrived and saw a Greyhound bus across the street and said it was for Richard Smith. Other members of the gang included: Mack Carter, Johnny Davis, Allen Buggs, Richard Strachan, William Evans, David Williams and grandson, Arnold Davis, William Reese, Mervin Robinson and Troy Road. By Dr. Richard Strachan