Lieutenant Gov cries foul claims victimization

caines | 8/2/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Lieutenant Governor Carroll is now crying foul, because she claims to be the victim of the same unfair judicial concept (guilty until proven innocent) that she and her governor crony have tried to penetrate on some Floridians and have perpetrated on others. As a result of the accusation of the former aide whom she fired some time ago, that the Lieutenant Governor fired her because she caught the Lt. Governor in a compromising position with another woman. Mrs. Carroll feels wronged. However, she seemed to have no problem supporting the governors attempts to have thousands upon thousands of Floridians be guilty until proven innocent. Namely 1) Wanting to test all welfare recipients to have them prove that they were not using drugs. In order to receive benefits, 2) wanting all state workers to be tested in order to work for the state, and 3) the latest being the purging of the voted roles. Which in reality says that all Florida voters are guilty of fraud and must be proven innocent. I guess the Lt. Governor sees now that it is no fun when you are caught up in the same twisted and unjust establishment of policies. Not to mention that those proposed policies would disproportionately affect Black folk negatively. Mrs. Carroll being Black should easily recognize that. Instead of being a force to make things better for Black folk, as well as all Floridians, she has placed herself in a position to do the masters bidding and validate his work and policies by co-signing them. It is just a shame that some people will allow themselves to be used in such a horrific way, just for fame, fortune or status. But one day she will realize that life is more than those nebulous and fleeting things. Dr. Ronald Harris MD Miami