Obama says hes not the President of Black America but has he done enough for Blacks?

caines | 8/16/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Maria Wimberly, 39Miami Gardens, administrator Yes and despite the challenges he inherited that were caused by the previous administration hes created jobs not only for Blacks but all Americans even those who dont support him. Tony Larkin, 30Miami Gardens, teacher The President has shown many times that he is the perfect leader for the U.S. Hes lived up to his promises the very best he could. Johnny Smith, 45Overtown, business owner Obama has done some things for Blacks but theres a lot more work that still needs to be done. I dont want to hear him talk about it he needs to be about it. Dr. Mae Christian, 67Miami, retired President Obama had some tough problems facing him that Bush left behind. With Congress and Floridas legislature being majority Republican a lot of the programs that he developed that would have helped Blacks were diluted. Steve Witherspoon, 45Miami, supervisor Yes, he helped promote job growth and gave many people the opportunity to serve in government positions. Hes the first Black leader since King and Malcolm X to increase jobs for Black and to advocate world peace. Ariel Whatley, 22Liberty City, student Yes, hes the president for the middle class and Blacks. Hes helped with health care, created jobs as much as Republicans have let him and hes doubled Pell Grant aid for college students. Hes been a great president for Blacks.