Watch out for rising writer, Jayvon Ricketts

caines | 8/16/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Freshman says internship was great

Watch out Michael Krop High School youve got a Miami Times intern coming your way! Jayvon Ricketts, an incoming 9th grade student who comes from a family of six spent his summer interning in the editorial department at The Miami Times. Rather than soaking in the sun during the past three, scorching months,he has been investing in his future. Ricketts, 14, was sponsored by the Florida Christian Association of America [FCAA]. I got in that program through DFYIT (Drug Free Youth In Town), he said. We were asked to do a project about what college we wanted to attend and what wed major in. I was one of the few that did the project and the people that did the projects were able to be placed into an internship at a facility that would best help them in their search for that job and to show how that job would greatly affect them. Ricketts will stay on with the FCAA during this fall as part of their after-school program. When I first came to The Miami Times, I expected to be writing, Ricketts said. I cant say that I didnt expect a lot of work but I expected easier work. I didnt think that Id have to do as much research as I did. It wasnt hard interning here, but it wasnt easy either. Ricketts wants to go to Florida State University and hopes to double major in English and drama. With his eye set on the English field, he says being in the editorial department at The Miami Times was perfect for him. This experience has helped me, he continued. First, I learned how to use a Mac computer, I learned how to pull different stories from website and I learned how to do intensive research. This was time well spent.

Learning the ropes quietly

Anyone who worked in the same room with Ricketts could tell that he was all about business. But everyone has to relax sometime. And when he does, he has a list of favorite to dos. I like reading, watching TV, playing video games and writing, Ricketts said. Now that the internship is over, he says, Im kinda just going to finish up my school shopping and wait for classes to start. To anyone who has been offered an internship, I would say go for it because it can really prepare you for the real world and a full-time job. By Janiah AdamsMiami Times intern