Home-based business bakes edible delights

caines | 8/23/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Jenrette: The chef behind the goods

Anything is possible and is sure to be quite edible when Lykeisha Jenrette, 30, does her thing in the kitchen. And since first starting her home-based bakery two years ago, she says that theres barely been time to sit back and relax. The orders just keep coming and she hasnt looked back. I am ecstatic and humbled all at the same time and very thankful for the success, she said. Jenrette has built a loyal following on her signature dessert banana pudding cake. Its the most sought after thing, Jenrette said. Its just a staple of mine. Signature dish and all, Jenrette makes it a point to have it noted that she can bake anything. Most of her recipes are handed-down family recipes that she has tweaked to make her own. If it can go in the oven, I can make it, she said. I make cookies, cupcakes, pies, cheesecake, puddings, brownies anything. I dont just do cakes. I do anything that can be baked.

Unique beginnings

For Jenrette, her vocal family members were the driving force behind her starting the baking company. They really pushed me into starting the business, she said. I was mostly baking for them and they really encouraged me to go out and start my own company. Before Jenrette turned her baking into an oven-hot success, she ran a bail bonds company with her fiance, Taurus Boyd, 40. And while she says that shes still involved with the company, her baking business has skyrocketed to the point that her fiance has been forced to take over. According to Jenrette, her at-home bakery receives seven orders for cakes a week quite a lot for a one-woman show to accomplish. But she has no complaints. I am just happy to be able to do what I love, she said. To satisfy your sweet tooth, call 954-226-1000 or send her at note on Facebook at Lykeisha The Baker. By Julia Samuelsjsamuels@miamitimesonline.com