How do you feel about the NAACP having a white president?

caines | 8/23/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Brother Marshall, 72Retired bus driver, Miami He got voted in. If the brothers voted him in, he must be allright. God created all men. All men are created equal. Lesley Gooden, 42Avon representative, Miami As long as they represent for good, Im good. If not, he got to keep going. Charles Rackley, 62Retired, Miami Maybe they need to change their name from the National Advancement Association of the Colored People to the Association of All People, then they would cover all bases. If he is for the right reason, which is equality for all people, as well as Black then, I guess itll be alright. LaDonna McNealy, 53Licensed practical nurse, Miami Regardless of the race and religion, Im for it. I really dont care about him being white, Im just surprised that he is. Im glad someone else other than Blacks are willing to help us. Maurice Gilchrist, 44Unemployed, Miami If they are going to stand there, do the job and represent Black folks. Thats good. Then color doesnt make a difference, as long as theyre doing the right job. Synovia Gibbs, 53Community advocate, Perrine area NAACP has been doing a lot for us for a lot of years. That president may vote out anything they have for us. Im not against white folks, but sometimes they will do for us, sometimes they wont.