Whitneys star shines one more time in Sparkle

caines | 8/23/2012, 5:30 a.m.

There are stories that have become part of the very fabric of the Black community often because they serve as a means of inspiration to a people who are so often faced with prejudice, hardship, disappointment and disaster. The movie Sparkle, which has gained cult-like status among Blacks, was the inspiration for Dreamgirls and is now back in a new version, is one such story. Its beauty and the reason it has become such a classic rests in the fact that it is so raw and honest in its portrayal. There are many young Black boys and girls with amazing talent and potential some see their star eventually rise to astonishing heights as their dreams come true while others fall prey to the temptations of the world. Some stumble but are somehow able to get back up and try again. Others remain in the dust prisoners in their own living hells. Watching Whitney Houston in her final onscreen performance and listening for our final opportunity to the woman that Oprah Winfrey once dubbed as The Voice, reminded us of how difficult it is to achieve our dreams as well as how quickly our hopes can be dashed when those walls come tumbling down. Whitney was in her element in the penultimate scene she was back home in the church the place where she first found her voice and honed her talents as a gospel vocalist. We are well aware of the many problems that our sister faced in her walk. Yet, watching her one last time was a treat because as always she did it so well. This new version of Sparkle will undoubtedly win its way into our hearts as did its predecessor because of the talents of young actors like Derek Luke and Jordin Sparks. But it shines due to the Herculean effort of Whitney Houston. We will always love her, the legacy that she leaves behind and her sparkle.