Chatter That Matters: December 6, 2012

caines | 12/6/2012, 6:30 a.m.

Hats off to Sergeant Frederick Washington and officers: LaTanya Graham, Willie McFadden, Roy Brown, Dana Carter and Utavia Reeves-Jenkins for Miami-Dade Police Departments Annual Seniors Thanksgiving Dinner held at Piccadilly Cafeteria with entertainment provided by Glenda Foster a great musician from the Miami Central famous chorus and key note speaker, Reverend Frank Dean, minister of New Shiloh MBC. He spoke on thanksgiving owed to Jesus, with many verses related to attitudes, Christianity, neighborhoods and the Promised Land. He tied his sermon with his experience as a police officer and teaching the people what to do to reach heaven. Senior citizens from Mildred and Claude Pepper Towers, Covenant Palms, Palm Towers and Ward Towers were invited as special guests. Dorsey High School Alumni celebrated their annual dinner at the same venue with a brief meeting that involved the alumni from classes 32 to 55. They discussed the changing of the schools name to Dorsey-Northwestern High with over 80 percent favoring the change from a request made in 2002. Those in support included: aljean Smith, Naomi Smith, Tommie Glass, Ernest Smith, Patricia Thomas, Elston Davis, Theodore and Katty Blue, Earl and Alice Daniels, Johnny and Mary Davis, Samuel Jackson, Johnnie and Mary Robinson, Johnny Stephenson, Peter Harden, David White, Dr. Edward Braynon, and S. Jones. Also, Dr. Herman Dorsett, Harry and Carmen Dawson, Henry Mingo, Oscar and Mary Jessie, Norman and Estella Cox, Harcourt Clark, James and Barbara Anders, Stan and Sarah Allen, Lovonia Freeman, Laurice Hepburn, Norma Mims, Columbus Smith, Audley Salahud-Din, Dr. Preston Marshall, Dr. Andrew Forbes, Garth Reeves, Paul and Erma Wellons, John and Annette Williams, John Tellis, Robert Thomas, Sammie and Dorothy Stewart, John Shaw and Ric Powell. Others included members of the King of Clubs: Dr. Astrid Mack, Caroline White, James Maul and Alva, Fletcher Paschal, III and Dr. Roslyn, James B. Randolph, II, N. Patrick Range, Arthur Simms and Ruth, Dr. Arthur Woodard, Larry Adams and Carolyn, Nelson Jenkins and Fifia, Ron Butler, Dr. Bradford and Mable Brown. The Michaels Diner attendees included: Richard Smith, Mack Carter, Johnne Davis, William Snell, Allen Buggs, R. J. Strachan, William Evans, David Williams and grandson, Arnold Davis, Mervin Robinson, Ray Troy, Jerome Simpkins and Daryl Dennis. Family members from Bradenton included: Edwin Alexander and family, Mrs. Alexander, Emonica, Edwin, Jr. Mother Inez Rowe entertained her children: Cheryl, Lori, Andre, Arian, Dena, Johnathan (from Iraq), Loretta, Amica, Oscar, Frankie, Franklyn, Pricilla, Tyrese, Kevin, Jimmy, Patrice, Christian, Mia and Mirack. Everyone enjoyed the turkey, chicken, ribs, pigeon peas and rice, potato salad, yams and more served to some 25 guests. De De Greene took the time to visit Mexico and improve on her Spanish. Take advantage of all of the discounts and plan for a great Christmas. By Richard Strachan