Street Talk: December 6, 2012

caines | 12/6/2012, 6 a.m.

Does the Stand Your Ground law give whites the right to execute Blacks?Janelle Lightbourne, 22Paraprofessional, Westview Yeah, its giving them an excuse. However, its not for whites only everyone tries to use the law get their way. Alvin Butler, 56Business owner, Miami Gardens No. Stand your ground gives no specific group the right. The thing is that its been used improperly, especially in the case of what happened in Sanford. Zion Wiggins, 40Minister, Liberty City Yes, and its not right. A Black woman stood her ground and was arrested not too long ago, and there are cases of these white men getting away with it. You cant mix the two. If it goes for one it goes for all. Evelyn Dorsett, 61Retired, North Miami No, but they do use it as an excuse. I cant see much done from that law there are no benefits for Blacks at all. Dorothy Huggins, 70Retired, Northwest I do believe that it gives them some sort of right to kill Blacks, but also for Blacks to kill Blacks. Its a law for everyone to unrightfully kill one another. Jerry Armstrong, 38Entrepreneur, Liberty City No, it doesnt give them the right. It should be reviewed and done away with. Blacks do it and get sentenced and convicted. Meanwhile, whites do it and get off.