Local Christian rap group has an album release party

caines | 12/13/2012, 4:30 a.m.

Authentik releases first album called Groans before Glory"

Christian rap music blared from The Foundation of New Life on Dec. 7. Hundreds of young Christians celebrated with Authentik, a local Christian rap group, as they released their first album, Groans Before Glory. The group performed songs from their album and bought out more seasoned Christian rappers to perform, including Json, Sho Baraka and Benjah. These rappers are also featured on their new album. The album will be released on Itunes on Dec. 12. Authentik members said the message they want people to take away from the album is that living life as a Christian is not always easy. Things may get more difficult than they were initially, but when you lean on the Lord for strength, hell guide you through it, Big Mike, a member of the group said. As Christians, everything is not going to be all good and gravy, Prospekt added. As Christians, we are going to go through temptations of the flesh and probably even lose a job. But at the end, we have hope that Jesus Christ will come back, and we will be with him in glory one day. Those in attendance enjoyed the album release party and concert. Grace, 20, a Christian Spoken Word artist, said she was inspired by the concert. One thing I loved about the event was that they exalted the Gospel above everything, she said. You could see their fire and passion for God and it was amazing. Joel Davis, 25, a Christian rapper, said it was a joyous moment to fellowship and praise God with the group. It felt good to see people I have affiliations with moving forward in the faith, he said. Its always good to see young Black males on stage praising God and giving him glory. By Malika A. Wrightmwright@miamitimesonline.com