Miami Gardens City officials admit to gang problem

caines | 12/13/2012, 4:30 a.m.

Many hands needed to curb the violence

The Rev. Eric Readon, pastor of New Beginnings MBC, has been meeting with other ministers, the police and community leaders. He believes that working together they can stem the tide of violence. We are holding a Block the Violence Day at our church on Dec. 31st during which time we plan to feed the community and provide hope to our people, he said. We are going to have to go door-to-door and let our community know that we refuse to be held hostage by criminals. But its going to take everyone getting involved. We must break the code of silence that is protecting those who want to rob, kill and destroy our community. During our Block the Violence Day were going to let the citizens of Miami Gardens hear from the families of some of the victims so they can understand how painful it is to lose a loved one especially so senselessly. Rev. Jimmy King, pastor of First Baptist Church of Bunche Park, has pledged his support to Readons efforts. There are too many deaths and too many young people who have access to and our using guns, he said. Far too many innocent people are losing their lives. We must go out into the streets and demand an end to the violence. We can make a difference. We will make a difference.

Memories of Errold Peart

Dawn Barrett, Pearts common-law wife and longtime companion met Errold Peart while both were in their homeland of Jamaica. Together they raised two children: Dameion, 32 and Mishka, 24. Barrett, 53, says there were often problems around this time of the year at Pearts car wash business. She recalls that she was always a bit apprehensive. There were a few times that someone tried to rob him and one time someone even followed him home, she said. But he was a strong man so people knew that he was not going to just lie down. I think the people that shot and killed him must have caught him off guard. I still dont understand why. When we were in Jamaica he was always helping people. He opened the car wash for the same reason to help kids and even adults who had once been in trouble. They listened to him and he showed them that he cared. My dad was always a peacemaker, Dameion said. And while I knew he was a wonderful father, what has surprised me the most is the number of people that keep telling me how he helped them. He would take guys right out of jail and give them a second chance when no one else would. Even the way he died I mean he sacrificed his life for someone else. He would even help strangers and would give you his last dollar. Thats the kind of man he was. I have cried until I cannot cry anymore, Barrett added. Funeral services for Peart will be held at 16800 NW 22nd Avenue at New Way Fellowship Church, Miami Gardens, on Saturday, Dec. 15 at 11 a.m. By D. Kevin McNeirkmcneir@miamitimesonline.com