Street Talk: December 12, 2012

caines | 12/13/2012, 4:30 a.m.

Is the lottery a scam by the government to feed off of low-income peoples dreams?

Latonia Mattis, 52Painter, Allapattah I dont think so, there are people who take the same amount from the government, so its like theyre putting it back in. People scam the government all the time. Kamilah Johnson, 35Unemployed, Liberty City Yeah, no one locally ever wins, only old white people from some small town in a distant state. Roberto Meus, 31Store clerk, Little Haiti Yes, the lottery is supposed to go to education, but our schools are getting shut down left and right and teachers are getting laid off. I dont understand that. Cedric Mackey, 35Unemployed, Liberty City Yes, its not being used for the people putting money into it. There are kids and homeless people starving in America, and none of them will see a cent of it. Kathy Karrington-Tyson, 60Real Estate, Little Haiti Yeah, I think its a scam. The lottery is feeding off of peoples addiction, and it really abuses the elderly and poor people. Ive see people buy bags of tickets at a time it angers me. Cleopatra Kinlock, 18Student, Little Haiti For sure, one in a million people could win and millions play everyday. People play the lottery their whole lives and get nothing, its a scammed.