Life is navigated by difficult decisions

caines | 12/20/2012, 4:30 a.m.

One small decision can turn out to be the most important decision that youve ever made in your whole entire life. It could either make you or break you, and determine whether you advance further towards a successful future or cause you to watch all of your dreams go down the drain. So many times have I thought to myself: If I would have done this or that, I certainly would not be in the position that Im currently in. Or, if I would have simply thought twice before acting upon a matter, disaster could have been surely avoided. After a very poor decision has been made and all that we have are consequences to deal with, we always seem to look back at what could have, would have or should have done differently. But no matter how much time we spend on reflecting on our decision-making process, like the death of yesterday, the decisions that have made in the past are a done deal and now we can only aspire for the ability to make better decisions as life continues to move on. At times, it is extremely difficult for us to make the right decisions, particularly when we are angry, hasty or under the influence of drugs and alcohol. A terrible decision can also be motivated by a previous thought of tremendous power here on Earth. In our diabolical decisiveness, we tend to focus more on what we can lose its sort of like a scene in a the movies when the desperate character makes a deal with devil that would allow him to gain the world, only to realize much later that his soul has been forever forfeited. At the end of the film, the devil is always shown laughing wickedly in the midst of hell fire, while the character desperately tries to back paddle out of his torment to no avail. This type of Hollywood scenario is similar to real life experiences. It could happen in a young mans life who decides to take part in a robbery that goes bad and the victim ends up dead. Deep down in his heart, he may have intended to take the dead persons money but now he could spend the rest of his life locked behind bars or perhaps sitting on death row. It could happen when two people are inflamed with lust and without thing they decide to have unprotected sex, sadly transmitting an incurable disease in the process. When a body of water is too deep and broad for us to swim across, lets hope that we are able to stay on dry land where it is safe or, will we plunge in and eventually find ourselves drowning in a sea of regret, helplessly gasping for air? What will our decision be? By Arthur Lee Hall, Jr.