Street Talk: December 19, 2012

caines | 12/20/2012, 4:30 a.m.

Are Black politicians judged by the same standards as whites?

Gregory Dennis, 52Miami, Equipment tech No. Were not allowed to make mistakes. Were not human. Keenan Duncombe, 55Miami, Cook No. Its the same thing they did to Michelle Spence-Jones other politicians take money illegally and its hidden but when Blacks do it, its a huge a thing. I dont think its fair. Melanie Davis, 43Miami, Self-employed No theyre not. It feels like were back in the 19th century or something. The nation treats us as if were not good enough to be in the same seats and positions as whites. Demetrius Williams, 41Miami, Warehouse worker No theyre not. Whites dont think were up to their standards; we have to work harder just to get in the same place as them. Diana Nunnally, 60Liberty City, Head custodian No. We should all be treated equal, even in politics. God created us the same, with the same insides and the same blood. Paula Fullington, 51Miami, Retired No, theyre treated differently. Take Susan Rice for example. They were unjustly harsh to her and she stepped down it isnt fair. They have no respect for the president either, they overlooked him with the Rice situation.