Aquin, Haiti native building bridges

caines | 12/27/2012, 6:26 a.m.

Louis Wilky Lozandier says that agriculture is key to the future

Most people call Louis Lozandier Wilky but if things go according to plan, the Miami resident who holds dual citizenship may soon be called Mr. Mayor. Lozandier is currently running for mayor of his hometown in Haiti a small town called Aquin. He has his feet firmly planted on two shores but says his heart remains in Haiti. As a business leader, he continues to lead efforts to help those living in Aquin and surrounding areas improve their quality of life through various business ventures. Since founding a non-profit organization several years ago, Action Permanente Pour Le Developpement DAquin [APDA], Wilky has been a one-man team returning to Haiti almost monthly and meeting with elected officials here in Miami including City Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones and County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson for their advice and support of his project. Specifically, APDA focuses on areas that include: agriculture, reforestation and farming, both in urban and rural communities. Agriculture remains our major concern, he said. APDA is working to teach people how to plant and harvest products not only for personal and local use but for national and overseas markets, he said. But there are other things that we must address for our sisters and brothers in Aquin including sorely-needed health care, making available an adequate and clean supply of water for drinking and better education for youth. Aquin has a proud legacy and a fascinating past. In colonial times it was a town buzzing with life both because of its role as a commercial leader for coffee and because it had a stronghold fortress that was instrumental in keeping the French from taking back our land. History and folk culture still mix in everyday life but change is equally needed. By D. Kevin McNeirkmcneir@miamitimesonline.com