Street Talk: December 26, 2012

caines | 12/27/2012, 4:30 a.m.

Are tighter gun laws needed to reduce violence?

Patricia Isaac, 54Disabled, Opa-locka Yeah, for sure. However, people should be able to get guns if theyre homeowners and are protecting their families, not to shoot up people. Fred Andrews, 60Retired, Allapattah Sure, I would say so. The less guns, the less people getting shot. And they also need to revisit the laws regarding concealed weapons too. Tony Flanory, 48Landscaper, Miami Yes, they need to. All of these random killings occur because its so easy to get assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons. Joe Parker, 47Cook, Liberty City Yeah, but with the existence of the black market you could still get guns anyway. People are still going to sell them illegally of course. And kids would still break into stores to steal them. James Watley, 65Retired, Allapattah Yes sir. They need to stop giving these gun licenses away so easily. In some cases all you have to do is show an ID. No background check, no nothing. Willie Newkirk, 71Motivational Speaker, Liberty City Yes, by all means. They have too many assault weapons accessible. Obama cant do it all, its up to the Congress, local and state governments too.