Who prosecutes the chief prosecutor?

caines | 12/27/2012, 4:30 a.m.

If Michelle Spence-Joness allegations prove to be true, then the chief prosecutor for Miami Dade County abused the powers of her office and threw the weight of the State Attorneys Office, its lawyers, investigators and police officers against an innocent public official in order to oust her from office and to empower Miami Mayor Regalado, who in turn named a street after Katherine Fernandez Rundle. I have never heard of a situation like this one. I like Katherine Fernandez Rundle; she was a well-respected attorney in this town and I applaud her efforts to keep her office diverse. I also like Michelle Spence-Jones a powerful voice for Blacks who reminds me of John the Baptist who cried in the wilderness for Gods people. Like the John the Baptist, she was falsely accused but thankfully she did not have her head cut off. Our justice system should be fair and things like politics, race, socio-economic status and gender should not play a role in determining who gets prosecuted. If Spence-Joness allegations are true, it is a terrible blow to the system of justice in this town and puts into doubt every political prosecution or lack thereof in this town for the last 20 years. Now, we turn to the what ifs? If the defendants are proven guilty, what happens to them? Yes, they are embarrassed. Yes, they may pay money. But do they lose their office? Do they go to jail? It seems to me to bring false charges against someone has to be a crime. At a minimum, it would be perjury and is clearly an abuse of their office and fiduciary duty to the public. Who prosecutes the chief prosecutor? Would it be the attorney general, Pam Biondi or would it be the Department of Justice? Should the case be assigned to the local U.S. attorney or should some objective U.S. attorney with no political affiliations to Florida be assigned. Do the prosecutors and FBI begin investigating now or do they wait until the case is over and the memory of most witnesses have faded? If no one prosecutes the chief Prosecutor is that more evidence of how corrupt and political our criminal justice system has become. Another interesting point, is that Michelle Spence Jones named only four people in her lawsuit. However, it seems that a lot of people had to work together to bring this conspiracy to fruition. We could start with the chameleon, Governor Crist. He helped throw Michelle Spence Jones out of office at least twice. What did he know? Commissioner Sarnoff was apparently working with Regalado. What did he know? Who else at the SAO was involved? When it was clear that there was no case based on Barbara Carey-Shulers statement, why did it take so long to drop the case? Who was responsible for the slanderous close out memo that was leaked to the press inferring that Michelle Spence Jones was guilty, when she was clearly not. What happens to attorneys, prosecutors and public officials gone bad? Are only Black people punished in this town? Reginald J. Clyne is a partner at Clyne and Associates, P.A. of Miami/Fort Lauderdale.