Dont believe the lies of Newt and Mitt

admin | 2/1/2012, 5:30 a.m.

GOP candidates Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are doing a good job of attacking each others character in the race to become president of the U.S. The sad thing is that most of what they are saying about each other is true. For added humor, former GOP candidate Herman Cain has endorsed Gingrich. Birds of a feather flock together; both men are accused of having multiple extramarital affairs. Gingrich was having an affair while leading the fight to impeach former President Clinton for his extramarital affair. Hopefully, voters will select a person with character. If his former spouses couldnt trust him then why should the American voters? Romney is the GOPs alternative to Gingrich and his biases are a lot more subtle and reserved. Romneys attacks are directed towards the working class and U.S. businesses, since he states businesses are people. He defends the wealth he obtained while heading Bain Capital where he bought companies, sold assets and laid off thousands of workers. He was against President Obamas decision to help General Motors save thousands of jobs. Is this the business model he intends taking to the White House? We should be suspicious of his money making schemes and ventures. The GOP candidates continue to attack one another and to be critical of Obama. Gingrich calls Obama the Food Stamp President. But in fact, the number of people eligible for food subsidies was higher under President George W. Bush. Factcheck.org reports that under Bush, 14.7 million received food subsidy compared to 14.2 million under Obama. Keep in mind that Bush inherited a healthy economy and a huge surplus from Clinton. In 2009, when Obama took office, he inherited a collapsed economy and an estimated 1.3 trillion dollar deficit from his predecessor. Gingrichs comments were not only offensive to the president but were also condescending to the millions of working poor and unemployed Americans eligible to receive the temporary assistance. We understand the problems we face. We also know that it will require more than new leader in the White House. We will not be fooled into believing that simply changing the executive in chief will fix this countrys financial woes. If we allow the wrong person to take over the U.S., the situation could get much worse. It is unreasonable to expect Obama to fix a economy in four years that Bush took eight years to destroy. As expected, since taking over control of Congress, the Republicans in the Congress have been unwilling to work with the president, making his job even more difficult. Nonetheless, he has had significant achievements including ending the threat of Osama Bin Laden, passing health care reform and improving foreign relations with our allies. Unlike the GOP candidates, Obama has a record that is clearly worth touting. By Queen Brown Community activist Queen2020@bellsouth.net