People: February 1, 2012

caines | 2/1/2012, 7:30 a.m.

Wedding anniversary greetings go out to our Love Birds of the week! Shedrick E. and (Wilma W.) Gilbert, Jan. 22nd, their 65th; Thomas (Agnator) Nottage, Jan. 22nd, their 56th; Linzy and (Paulette S.) Hayes, Jan. 24th, their 22nd; Matthew and (Sandra Barry) Williams, II, Jan. 24th, their 32nd. Welcome home Allen Symonette, a corporate attorney who now lives in Philadelphia. Elaine Symonette held a fish fry for Allen at her home last Thursday evening so that he could get reacquainted with her husbands family members and friends. A very happy belated birthday to Athenia P. Barry-Kelley (my deceased mothers friend) on her 90th. She is the mother of our beloved rector (Father Barry). Get well wishes to all of you! All sick and shut-ins, Rev. Canon, Nelson W. Pinder, Lillian Newbold-Thurston, Wilhelmina Stirrup-Welch, Grace Heastie-Patterson, Patricia Allen-Ebron, Sue Francis, Franckie Rolle, Chauncey Edgecomb, Claranda Sergeant, Mildred Ashley. Come join the gang as we travel to New Orleans, Louisiana during Memorial Day Weekend. We will leave on Thursday, May 24th and return on Monday, May 28th. The trip will include: tours of the city, shopping, Saturday evening activities and Sunday evening (free meals). Contact one of the following persons: Elizabeth Blue, Louise Cromartie, Florence Moncur or Leome Culmer. Most of us in Miami probably dont know that on January 22, 1912, Henry Flagler, for whom downtown (main street) Flagler is named, had men begin construction on the Florida East Coast Railway Extension that ran from Homestead/Florida City to Key West. It took six years to complete. The 1935 hurricane (on Labor Day) partially destroyed the tracks and no one bothered to attempt to relay the tracks again or build a train strictly for the trip to the island by rail! Thats why we travel by car or bus along that seven-mile bridge. Elva Heastie-Gamble and her husband Vance are down from Detroit to visit her family, long-time friends and classmates. Old-time Miamians were sad to hear of the death of Virginia (Virgie) Wilkerson-Tresvant, a graduate of Not the largest, but the best in 1940. Virgies husband was the first Black mayor of Opa-Locka. Virgies brother is George Wilkerson of New York City. Hansel Higgs finished from the best in 1946. They both will be greatly missed by their family and friends. Rest in peace friends and forever Tornadoes!