SBEP targets small business owners

admin | 2/2/2012, 8 a.m.

Program beneficial to self-employed Blacks

For entrepreneurs looking to get a leg up on the competition there are a lot of programs designed to help them get that needed edge. One example is the Small Business Education Program (SBEP) at Miami Dade College in which entrepreneurs can acquire skills and techniques that will help their businesses prosper. So far people have been pretty receptive to what we are trying to accomplish here, said George Ray, III, 29,manager for the SBEP. It is one thing for people to show interest in the program but its a totally different thing for them to actually go on-line and apply. That has really been a challenge for us. Small businesses are welcome to apply to the program until February 1st on MDCs website, www.mdc.edu.smallbusiness. The program is aimed at helping local business owners to expand and arming potential entrepreneurs with the resources needed to launch and maintain a successful business. SBEP is free to the public. Through the program we are targeting moderate to low income business owners, he said. A lot of those business are based in our areas like Overtown, Wynwood and Allapattah. In the program we will have professionals speaking about how small businesses can get funding, what type of licenses they must have to receive the money and the hows of digital marketing. Ray adds that Blacks can truly benefit from the program. In this economy the program is a boost, he said. When the rest of the country gets a little cold we get the flu so this is really a positive point for the community, especially when it come to creating jobs. By Randy Gricergrice@miamitimesonline.com