How to find true love in six minutes or less

admin | 2/8/2012, 7:30 a.m.

Workshop allows participants to practice speed dating

A lot can happen to a person in six minutes. They can run a mile, take a test or even be involved in a life changing accident. According to hip hop dating coach, Jeffrey Carroll, those minutes are also the perfect length of time for a date. Six-minute dates are not too short to meet people and get an idea of what type of person they are, he explained. You can find out if you have a connection with them, if they can make you laugh, if you can relate to their opinions. To help more people learn about the benefits of speed dating, Carroll is hosting a free session at the Miramar Library on Tuesday, Feb. 14th.Lisa Jackson, the supervisor of adult services at the Miramar library, thinks that Valentines Day is the perfect time to host the workshop. Well, a lot of folks are looking for their perfect date and Jeff is an expert with helping folks find a great relationship, she said. The 44-year-old entrepreneur, who goes by the name Yo Jeff, is also author of an on-going relationship advice column in Real Health magazine.Although married for 10 years, Carroll did not learn about speed dating until a few years ago, but he quickly fell in love with the concept. Speed dating is a way to cut through the b.s., he said. Stuff that you couldnt get in four hours of dancing in a night club you can get in six minutes of speed dating. With only a handful of minutes to speak to a potential partner, daters normally choose to ask the questions about issues they most care about from issues of religion to past relationships. To help those new to dating or for those who want to improve, Carroll wrote, 20 Soul Questions for a Better Relationship. During his speed dating session, the hip hop coach will provide light entertainment, games to break the ice and advice to maximize the potential of the brief dates.For the best results which to Carroll means finding a partner suitable for a monogamous relationship the dating coach advised that speed dating participants be honest, be forthcoming with information, and have trust and knowledge of yourself. The Speed Dating seminar will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 14th at 6 p.m. at the Miramar Library which is located at 2050 Civic Center Drive. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are preferred. To reserve your seat or to get additional information, please call 954-437-1806 ext. 225. By Kaila Heard kheard@miamitimesonline.com