Street Talk: February 8, 2012

admin | 2/8/2012, 7:30 a.m.

Is the Democratic party still the best political representation for Blacks?

Rodney Carswell, 40Liberty City, unemployed They are doing the best they can do but I know they can do more for our Black people. The way the economy is right now, things are only about the rich and not about the poor. Elizabeth McClenhan, 67Liberty City, retired No because they dont do anything for the Black neighborhoods. I just really don't feel like they care. I think that they just want money, that is just my opinion. Arelious Buchanan, 63Liberty City, roofer Well, sometimes it just seems like the people that are getting elected forget the promises that they made when they were running. It seems like once they get elected they forget the small man. Lenda Johnson, 63Liberty City, retired Yes, because the party is still addressing the needs of Black people. Andreta Simmons, 50Liberty City, unemployed They are still good for us because they address things like poverty and low income in America. Just look at the good things Obama is doing and he is a Democrat. Grover Hall, 62Liberty City, environmental supervisor Yes, because things get done as people come together in the democratic party.