Pastor of the Week: Rev. Cecil Lamb

admin | 2/15/2012, 7:36 a.m.

Local ministry teaches how to tap into the power of faith

Over 26 years ago, when Reverend Cecil Lamb was a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church there didnt seem to be many others who shared his belief in the word of faith gospel.The movement shares characteristics with charismatic and Pentecostal churches. The belief lies in if one believes in the Word of God (the Bible) and confesses or states it, then one shall receive what they confess. From his personal experiences with the Holy Spirit in particular, and from his own studies of the Bible, Lamb found himself agreeing with many elements of the Word of Faith movement. Finally, 26 years ago, Lamb decided to leave the AME church and found the Spirit of Christ, a Word of Faith church. Some of his critics compared him to Jim Jones, but Lamb was determined to live by his beliefs. What began with just 11 members, has grown into a church with over 600 members and that supports its own K 12 academy with nearly 80 students. Other non-denominational and evangelical churches have increased in popularity in recent decades, according to the Hartford Institute for Religious Research. But Lamb believes this is an understandable transition. Every denomination is good for its time, he explained. I think probably the reason that they are so popular now is that over a period of time God always does something different. But how can a devout worshipper determine the difference between a Christian fad or a new movement or change? Lamb advised, when you can find two or three places in the Scriptures where God has already done it.

Spirit of Christ Ministries

Some of the churchs most popular ministries are the Women with the Vision and the Men of Destiny, both program designed to strengthen and courage the of men and women of today, as well as the Successful Marriage Ministry. According to Lamb, a successful marriage is when two imperfect people come to together to fulfill the purpose of God in their lives The Overtown native has been married for four years to his second wife, Benza Lamb, 45. Together, the couple have six children and a wealth of knowledge to offer to other couples seeking to have a strong marriage. In this ministry, we strongly advocate that your wife is your partner, as the two consult with each other, Lamb said. And although they follow the Biblical model as the husband as the head of the household, Lamb also said that in actuality The top three important actions couples must take is to love, respect and to submit to one another, he advised. Not only does she submit to me [as the head of the house], but I have to submit to her as well, he explained. Once Lamb is behind the podium, he most often speaks about faith, which is the basis for everything in life, according to the minister. Most people dont live by faith. Its just a popular phrase, [but] true faith is when you tap into the power of God, he said. To help others tap into that spiritual power, the church will even be hosting a Faith Conference, April 4 - 6, hosted by Michael Freeman. By Kaila Heardkheard@miamitimesonline.com