Street Talk February 15, 2012

admin | 2/15/2012, 7:30 a.m.

Is race still a factor for Blacks looking for jobs?

Kenyata Powell, 39Liberty City, custodian Yes, it mostly has to do with education and race, white folks are coming in and taking over everything. The Cubans are getting the majority of the jobs. Jimmie Marshall, 63Liberty City, retired Yes, because it is still going on.It is obvious, I mean you can see it. Carlene Bynes, 78Liberty City, retired Im not really sure, it just depends on the situation. Kescey Lowry, 36Liberty City, laborer Yes, because we are shorted on the jobs and they give them to other people. We are not able to get the same opportunities as everyone else. Alfred Johnson, 83Liberty City, retired Race doesnt play a factor in Black people getting jobs because everything is equal now. Karen Jefferies, 48Liberty City, bus driver Yes, because a lot of our Black people dont have the knowledge and they dont study for the positions that they want, they just go out and apply.