First lady has great message: Eat healthy

admin | 2/23/2012, 4 a.m.

There is no doubt in my mind that President Barack and Michelle Obama are the healthiest first couple to ever stay in the White House. Everyone knows that Obama loves to play basketball and he can hoop. It is a vigorous sport and those who are older and out of shape sit on the sidelines and watch. The First lady is also quite athletic and I have pictures of her running she is clearly in great shape. First Lady Michelle Obama is on a three-day, three-state tour to promote her Lets Move Diet and Exercise Campaign. The campaign targets childhood obesity because one-out-of-every-three children is overweight. The Lets Move Campaign is bringing awareness to families who spend most of their time at fast food restaurants and often do not exercise. Her tour started in Des Moines, Iowa with Governor Terry Branstad, who she praised for his push to make his state the healthiest in the nation. The First lady led an entire arena of 14,000 in a dance routine called the Interlude. The dance routine has become a You Tube sensation and Mrs. Obama was willing to put herself out in front to get our children moving. She proved she could dance and isnt afraid to shake her groove-thing. The First Lady proved that she can dance, and she is not afraid to shake her thing. The next stop was Central Florida where she dined with the Halls, a Black family in Ocoee. Kern Halls works with Orange County in the school nutrition association. The theme of her tour in Florida is Change Begins at Home. Mrs. Obama dined for an hour with Kern, wife Patrice and their sons, Keian and Kamryn, discussing healthful eating. They dined on a meal of jerk chicken, brown rice, and peas, sauted zucchini and salad. The neighbors initially thought something was wrong when they saw a large number of police cars parked on the street. Once they realized what was going on, they formed a crowd to get a glance of the First Lady.This program is great, because Americans dont have time to exercise and our diets are not healthy. Support the First lady and spend each day moving and exercising. Roger Caldwell is the CEO of On Point Media Group in Jacksonville. By Roger Caldwell jet38@bellsouth.net