Street Talk February 22, 2012

admin | 2/23/2012, 4 a.m.

Do you feel there should continue to be a Black (Negro) National Anthem?

Willie Mann, 58Liberty City, retired Well, in my opinion, I think so. We need to represent our selves, plus we have the authority as well as anyone else. That is our right. Melvin Byrd, 64Shorecrest, retired We cant forget where we came from. We cant forget the struggles. Edouard Alexix, 58Miami Gardens, unemployed No, we are all one person. God created man to enjoy himself on this planet until He comes back to take us. To me I dont see white and Black, I see everyone as the same. Barbara Hamidullah, 67Northside, retired Why not? What is wrong with lifting our voice and singing in harmony and still wanting liberty? I dont see anything wrong with that. Clinie Ford-Lilly, 64Brownsville, retired I think that it is necessary because we can never forget our roots and where we came from. Simon Lawrence, 51Little Haiti, unemployed We can still sing the song but if it is not ringing true then we need something that is going to ring true for the Black community.