Who put Putney up to degrading Liberty City?

admin | 2/23/2012, 4 a.m.

Construction on Seventh Avenue has begun. It started Tuesday, Feb. 20th. We thank the community for supporting the revitalization of the Seventh Avenue corridor. This has been long overdue. For years, the businesses on Seventh Avenue have been overlooked by federal assistance programs. Now this community will have the opportunity to be a part of seeing change. In spite of what Herald columnist Michael Putney says, we do not have any major job-producing companies in the Liberty City area. By supporting the redevelopment of small businesses, it will open opportunity for employment, help beautify the community, bring a sense of pride for the residents and look inviting to outside visitors. Right now Seventh Avenue doesnt have the physical appearance to do so. This project can help change that. Putney keeps painting this picture alleging that hundreds of millions of dollars came into Liberty City and were misused by the people and elected officials of this community. In fact, there were government departments like the Department of Transportation, the Small Business Administration and the Department of Labor that were responsible for monitoring the use of the money. And if any misappropriation had taken place, those are the departments that should be held accountable. It is wrong to blame the residents of Liberty City. Putney paints a picture of Liberty City as a crumbling, crime-ridden neighborhood that does not deserve any assistance. Putney does not spend any money in Liberty City, he does not patronize any businesses, he does not offer any pro-bono services and he definitely does not live here. It seems like the only time he visits us is in order to report a story that negatively impacts the community.Now, he has chosen to commit a verbal assault on a redevelopment project before the construction even begins. Why? Who is putting Michael Putney up to degrading Liberty City? Leroy Jones is executive director of Neighbors and Neighbors Association. His organization targets the Liberty City community. By Leroy Jones leroy@nanafl.org