Can anything good come out of Liberty City?

caines | 1/4/2012, 7:30 a.m.

If you read and listen to the hype associated with Liberty City, Overtown and Little Haiti, pushed by both local and national reporters, you would tend to believe that nothing good comes out of Miamis Black community. You would think we are all scoundrels, liars, cheaters and poverty-stricken men and women stuck in our self-made ghettoes. And you would be positively wrong. Its just that philandering politicians, sexually-titillating scandals and drive-by shootings tend to attract the attention of both TV addicts and news junkies. But there is another side to our community one that rarely gets its fair share of notice. Over the last few weeks we have featured photographs that showed the Black community of Miami at its best from Jackson Hospital retirees bringing joy to hospitalized children with toys and clothes or the Miami Heats Chris Bosch making the season bright for foster kids to Commissioner Audrey Edmonson playing Momma Claus to forgotten, little Black girls. We have shown you images of government officials in Opa-Locka being busy elves for families that would not have had a Christmas meal and revealed snapshots of the steadfast services of the Miami Rescue Mission feeding over 3,000 men, women and children. Smiling faces, filled stomachs, arms filled with toys and the belief that tomorrow just may be better than today were the kinds of messages that we shared throughout the recent holiday season messages that were not shouted from the rooftops but were transmitted with quiet resolve. This is what the Black community has been about since our ancestors first came to these shores making a way out of no way; making sure our brothers and sisters were all treated as if they were members of the family. Because in the final analysis, we are all one family. Wouldnt it be wonderful if we stopped trying to follow in the footsteps of selfish, Western society and embraced the philosophy of our African foremothers and forefathers who believed that our strength really comes when we build up the whole community? Are we just dreaming? Can anything good come out of Liberty City? Come and see!