Florida was weird as only it can be in 2011

caines | 1/4/2012, 7:29 a.m.


A Flagler County woman who bought what she thought was a novelty cigarette lighter called authorities when it turned out to be a real, though not live, grenade. Police in Greenacres evacuated a neighborhood when a woman digging in her yard uncovered a World War II-era grenade and a Jacksonville man found a World War II-era bazooka round while tearing down a shed A celebrity boxing promoter sued Jose Canseco when the former baseball star sent his identical twin Ozzie to the bout instead. 'Taliban Toyota' A Pensacola Toyota dealer lost a $7.5 million lawsuit filed by an Iranian-born competitor. The lawsuit said the dealer told customers that his competitor was funneling money to terrorists and called his business ``Taliban Toyota.'' A South Florida man accidently threw out his wife's engagement ring then went to the dump the next day and sifted through a 9-ton pile of trash. He found it.


Not that romance always flourished in Florida. A Broward County woman was arrested after holding a steak knife to her husband's throat and demanding he sign divorce papers.


A Gainesville woman was arrested after her ex-boyfriend accused her of throwing an urn with his mother's ashes through a window and an Orange County man laid down in front of a car to try to stop his girlfriend from leaving after a fight. But the driver didn't see him and he was run over. Panama City police say a man crashed through a Waffle House while trying to run over his wife, a waitress at the restaurant. Deputies said a Walmart employee in Naples pepper sprayed a coworker and then bit the tip off her finger after hearing a rumor that the victim was sleeping with the attacker's husband. And in just plain odd news, an Ocala ice cream shop got rid of its costumed mascot _ a waving vanilla cone _ because passers-by kept mistaking him for a hooded Ku Klux Klansman. Also, a woman with two uteruses gave birth to twins in Clearwater_ one from each. And speaking of uteruses, a Democratic lawmaker accused the House speaker of admonishing him for saying the word during floor debate, a charge Speaker Dean Cannon denied. Still Democratic lawmakers and others around the Capitol began wearing pink buttons that simply said ``UTERUS.'' By Brendan FarringtonAssociated Press