Should rights of felons be restored in Florida once a sentence is completed?

caines | 1/4/2012, 7:30 a.m.

Thomas Bush, 46Sales associate, Miami I figure if they have been in jail and served their time why should we hold anything against them? Once they have paid for their crime their rights should automatically be restored. Lois ONeal, 76 Unemployed, Miami Yes, because once you go in and come out you should have the same life you had before you went in. Jemeica Taylar, 43 School teacher, Liberty City Their rights should automatically be restored because the fact is that they have already paid their debt to society. Why should we keep punishing them? Diane Lanier, 45House keeper, Liberty City I say that their rights should automatically be restored they have done their time. Andrea Mitchell, 19 Hospital clerk, Miami I think it should take some time for their rights to be restored. I think they still need to build up their trust with society because they lost that trust when they committed a crime. Cora White, 63 Retired, El Portal I personally feel that their rights should be restored. They should have the opportunity and privilege to enjoy life, be credible citizens and have the right to vote.