Chatter That Matters

admin | 1/18/2012, 7:30 a.m.

The Egelloc Civic and Social Club, Inc., founded by Cleomie W.Broomfield, Christina Eve, Julia W. Hepburn, Wilhelmenia R. Page, and Eddie Lee Wilson, all deceased, have passed the underlying principles for forty-three years to current President T. Eileen Martin-Major, coordinator Men Of Tomorrow, Veronica Rahming, officers and members for the year of 2012. The objectives of those ladies are still being shown to the young men who have started rehearsing each Thursday until the final Thursday in April, 2012. Some of the young men are Jabril S. Ivory, Leroy E. Parker, KoranRobinson, Maxwell Sampson, Melvin Tooks, II, Paris C. Webb, II, Bakari J.Wilder, Michael J.Williams, and Wecley Levros. Activities will include essay writing, entrepreneurship project, Black History project, luncheon, trip to Busch Gardens, talent show, and the final presentation in formal attire. The founders of the organization always presented as high as 100 young men each year while presenting over 3,000 during their history. Today, we need more eleventh-grade boys than back in the day, as well as more eleventh-grade boys in in high schools in Dade, Broward and Monroe counties. I am sending out an appeal to all eleventh-grade counselors in the high schools to get them involved with the Men Of Tomorrow program that will help to cultivate them to become young men. For assuredness, you can ask any young man was he a part of the program. And, of course, if he says yes check out his appearance, grammar, and attitude. The present young men are good, but in a few months, they will be much better. Please call Veronica Rahming305-621-4408. It is not too late to enroll. The Historical Hampton House Trust began to buzz last Monday when Dr. Enid C. Pinkney returned from her Exuma vacation during the holiday season. She returned full of fun and frolic, but exhausted from the delayed flight back to Miami. Frank Pinkney, husband came back with her, but they left their cousins Bonnie Haiston, Baltimore, MD., Charisse Faulkner, Washington D.C. and Yolanda Ellisfor a weekend of shopping. Shopping was one of the features at the Straw Market, because the salespersons wont let you leave without purchasing merchandise.When it was not shopping, the gang swam in the salt water behind the house and examined the green bone fish jumping out of the water. They found it an expensive delicacy and good for eating. However, upon returning she had a choice of going back to Exuma or staying at her desk. When she saw that her agenda included pertinent letters to be written, agenda for the monthly board meeting including a surprise birthday party for Richard J. Strachan, she negated going back and focused on her days agenda. Stay tuned for more chatter regarding the upcoming luncheon and memorial services. The retired brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. met last Thursday in the frat house with Earl Daniels, vice-chair, taking over the meeting for Baljean Smith, chairman, who had an urgent appointment with his cardiologist. Further into the meeting Daniels informed the brothers that Brothers Ebenezer Edwards and Norman Cox were also having to make a trip to the cardiologist. Brother Richard Mitchellwas asked to pray for the ailing brothers and keep the healthy brothers as healthy as possible. After his prayer, some of the brothers indicated he missed his calling. Stacey Jones, chairman for the St. Valentines luncheon, announced the luncheon will be held, Friday, February 10th ,11:00 A.M. at the Omega Activity Center. He also added special gifts to wives of deceased brothers will cost $25.00 and extra guests, $30.00 paid to Bro. Henry Mingo by Tuesday, Feb. 6th with the complete list of guests, while Mitchell added some spontaneity and led the singing of fraternity songs. All of the brothers joined in and stated keeping the singing up during meetings and reminiscing over great songs written by brothers was wonderful. They were sung well. Some of the brothers in attendance were Stan Allen, Mack Carter, HarcourtClark, Harry Dawkins, Hansel Higgs, Oscar Jessie, Astrid Mack, Johnny Davis, Autlev Salahud-Din, Anthony Simons, Johnny Stepherson, John Tullis, and John Williams. The sudden demise of Columbus Russell Lee, Dade Countys dependable photographer touched the lives of every organization in Miami by photographing their events. According to his former wife of 18-years, he was a cornerstone in Liberty City photographing social events, weddings, cotillions, proms, reunions, banquets, conventions, golf tournaments, and of course his Harley Davidson motorcycle friends. Friday night January 6th brought out hundreds of supporters at New Birth East with Deacon Cumberbatch facilitating parking and Rev. Pamela Knowles, Rev. Avery Jones, and Joann Tomlin handling the Praise and Worship, along with Allison Van-Cooten, reciting a poem and Yolanda Thomas, granddaughter performing a liturgical dance which ended emotionally and her being taken out of the wake. Kudos go out to Barbara J. Johnson for speaking on behalf of the deceased and presenting a floral piece to the family as a token of love, while Joyce and Dr. Charlie Williams paid respects, along with Barbara Anders, Beverly and Lee Johnson, June Miller, Wendell Sturrup,Copeland, Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall , Vera Purcell,Stephenia Willis, and Lonnie Lawrence. On Saturday, January 7, the crowd invaded New Birth West with Pat Range having been entrusted to handle the arrangements and as usual he handled them with extreme proficiency. Those who were not in attendance missed a profound eulogy given by Dr. Walter T. Richardson who kept the audience in awe with his chronological delivery beginning by articulating the origin of photography in 1568 and its growth from the multiplicity of brand name cameras up to the popular cell phone. He also elaborated on three logical terms consult the facts, cultivate your faith, and look upon his face. In addition, Henry Weatherspoon, scholarship philanthropist, impacted the audience when he alluded to his visit with Lee and he complained of being in the dark house and suggested going out side. Subsequently, he complained of a bright light not seen by Henry. Shortly afterward, he received a call informing him of Leesdeath. He will be missed by Shirley Lee Kelly, sister, Henry Lee, uncle, Victor Thomas, grandson, Keith Curry, colleague, Percy and Ella Knight, Natchez, MS., Gregory Lee, Columbus and Maylene Lee, Jr., Valdosta, , Shirley and Eddie Hightower, Easton and Sandy Harris, Silver Springs, Jessie and Pearl Lee, Bobby Lee, New York, Henry and Diane Lee, Harvey Lee, Greenville, Ms, Magnolia Anderson, Chicago, Il, Dorothy and Carl Lewis, Shirley and Raymond Kelly, Grisco, Tx., Rosie Wells, Minerva Lee, and Gloria Lee,New York and many other relatives. Columbus was a jovial man, with a giving spirit, a quick wit, and a wonderful sense of humor. The great loves of his life were his family, his cigar, hanging out at Jumbos, and riding his Davidson and forcing you to smile whenever he would say, stop looking so ugly and smile. Leome Culmer, one of the historians of South Florida, envisioned a Seventy-Seven Year Celebration of people that grew in Liberty City. A proposed meeting will be held at the home of Norma Mims, 3010 N.W. 165th Street on Thursday, January 19th at 11a.m. If you were born or raised in Liberty City call Normaat 305-628-7760 for more information. Incidentally, Dorothy Edwards celebrated her 97th birthday last Sunday with Dr. Rev. Ralph Ross pastor of The Historic Mt. Zion Baptist Church dedicating his church service and message to her. Stay tuned for more details in chatter. By Dr. Richard Strachan