Dont be fooled by the benevolence of Republicans

admin | 1/18/2012, 7:30 a.m.

Whether national politics and things happening in the other 49 states matter to you or not, one thing that should by now be crystal clear is the fact that most members of the Republican Party believe they know whats best for us us being Blacks and other minorities. They tend to paint pictures of themselves as our great and beloved benefactors. And they say that because of their concern for us and our welfare, that we should trust them, listen to them, follow them and give them the power to do what is right. What they fail to say is how much their actions are clearly self-motivating and very little about leveling the economic field in America. In the next several days presidential candidates from the Republican Party will swoop down on Florida, kissing babies, wooing the weak-minded and making promises that we know they have no intention of keeping. The political season is now at hand the future for Blacks stands at a tenuous crossroad. Meanwhile, many of us continue to say, I cant do anything, or It doesnt affect me. Wake up folks, in this case ignorance is not bliss. Lets remember that just a generation or so ago Blacks couldnt even vote in the U.S. We faced poll taxes, literacy tests, harassment from white racists and even death threats. Some of our leaders gave their lives just we would have the right to vote. Dont be misled by the powers that be. Voting is not a privilege that can be doled out by the more learned and intellectually astute members of society. No! Voting is a right that we should all possess and regularly exercise. We have seen how those in power are working overtime to strip the right to vote away from more and more citizens. There is no time for us to stay home and point fingers at the candidates. Someone will take over the White House. New voices will be heard in Tallahassee. Fresh blood will take the reigns in Miami-Dade County. Do your homework so that you know the amendments and the candidates, make sure you have registered to vote and then, make sure you go to the ballot box. We can no longer afford to let others make decisions for us.