Street Talk January 18, 2012

admin | 1/18/2012, 7:30 a.m.

Has Dr. King's dream for Blacks been realized?

Ernest Hall, 54 Postman, Richmond Heights Kind of, we have to keep holding on and pressing on then one day Kings dream will totally come true. Flossie Watkins, 76 Retired, Liberty City Things have changed for Blacks. Today the younger generation has been transformed because of Martin Luther King's dream. James Cunningham, 82 Retired, Miami Kings dream has come true but not totally. Some people are living the dream but not everybody. Glenn Rutherford, 52 Bus operator, Miami Partially, some things have come to life from his dream but some things haven't. Bernard Renfro, 47 Entrepreneur, Liberty City We have come a long way so King's dream has come true but we still have things that need to be done. Nakia Spann, 31 Hair stylest, Hollywood His dream has come true for Blacks in American. I say that because Black people have evolved over the years. We have more Blacks in elected offices, even our president is a Black man.