We cannot afford to let Republicans regain the White House

admin | 1/18/2012, 7:30 a.m.

If you have any reservations about voting in the upcoming 2012 Presidential election you may want to look at what the possibilities are before you skip going to the polls. As you know there are now five candidates seeking the GOP nomination to run for the office of President of the United States in 2012.These candidates should be the most important reason that we all get out and vote. If you are one of the naysayers that thought things could not get any worse, I suggest you do your homework on the candidates. Most of the GOP candidates are no strangers to politics. Sure enough, most of them come with an overwhelming amount of baggage.Although they have packed their bags pretty tight we cant help but be reminded of whom we are being asked to consider for the highest office in the free world. Hopefully, voters are willing to take a look at the characters, morals, values, beliefs, experiences and visions of those on the list of GOP presidential hopefuls. The GOP list includes the most recent frontrunner, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who has expressed his love of firing people from their jobs. At a time when millions of Americans are unemployed and desperately looking for work one thing we can do without is a president who enjoys taking jobs away from people. Another person on the list of candidates is Ron Paul who would like to eliminate the Department of Education and who voted no on a bill that would have provided millions of dollars in grants to Black and Hispanic colleges.If that is not reason enough to vote, Newt Gingrich suggests that we fire all custodial workers at schools all over America and use poor children to cleantheir schools.According to this GOP candidate, poor children lack basic values or a reasonable work ethic. We do not need a President who is out of touch with the reality of the poor or working families.The utterances of the others are even worse.Basically that seems to be the case of the 2012 GOP candidates. Of course, all of them state they are going to create jobs the problem is none of them have explained how they intend to achieve that goal. Listening to the rhetoric from these GOP presidential candidates should be enough to motivate every voter in the U.S. to go out and vote.If you want to see our country recover from one of the worst economic downward spirals since the Great Depression, you need to vote.If you still have hope that this country can return to the land of freedom, prosperity, opportunity and hope, I sincerely hope you are paying attention and then go vote! By Queen Brown Community activist queenb2020@bellsouth.net