Chatter That Matters: January 25, 2012

caines | 1/20/2012, 8:13 a.m.

Dr. Astrid Mack, president emeritus, King of Clubs of Greater Miami, opened their 14th annual holiday gala by welcoming officers and guests and shared memories of former presidents: Dr. C.C. Edwards, F.W. Reynolds, Fred Hicks, Daniel Francis, L. E. Thomas, Fletcher Paschal, Jr., David Mann, James B. Randolph, Sr., Dr. Richard J. Strachan, and Nelson Jenkins, interim. Strachan asked the guests to make believe they were in Paris in a royal supper club. Reverend James Pacley, pastor of Newborn Faith Deliverance BC ,delivered the prayer which received a loud amen. Old school dance music resounded and Bertha Martin led the Popeye line as she and her late husband, Harry Martin, used to day years ago at the Knight Beat, followed by James and Margie Fayson, Dorothy Bendross Mindingall and Samuel Jackson, Fletcher Paschal, III, Agenoria Paschal, Emanuel and Ophelia Lawson, Homer and Grace Humphries and many others. Other guests included Nelson and Fifia Jenkins, Jshon Fayson, F. and Dr. Rozalyn Paschal, Dr. Edwin Demerette, Edwin and Mrs. Alexander, Arthur and Ruth Simms, Vanessa and Dr. Arthur Woodard, Jerry and Mary Miller, James and Alva Maull, Reverends James and Gloria Pacley, and Carolyn White. Entertainment also included the alto saxophone playing of Mr. Magic (Michael Emmanuel) and Willie Granger, trumpet, followed by Leah Armbrister, a talented 7th grader from the Magnet Program at Miami Norland Middle who electrified the filled ballroom. Moreover, the incomparable Rochelle Lightfoot entered the spotlight as her business manager and personal advisor along with business manager Patrenia Dozier Washington. Demeritte. A weekend hotel stay for 3-days & 2-nights was won by Dorothy Patterson. More line dancing followed and rushing on the dance floor were Charlayne Thompkins, George and Gladys Fayson, Lavern Boone, Lila Cobb, C. Carter, Basil Binns, Ron Butler, S. Johnson, N. Johnson, Dominque, Mary Reeves, Bishop Norward Dean, Franklin and Lola Clark, Bishop C. Williams and E. Williams, Rev. Gregory Robinson, Teresa Martin-Major, Henry and Minnie Jones, Rev. Robert and Tracy Jackson. Also, Dr. Joseph and Sandra Gay, Henry Mingo, Charlie Williams, Hennie Johnson, Gail Black, Terrance Clarke, La Sadra Clark, W. and Barbara Covington, Bonita North, Evelyn Campbell, Thelma Wilson, Dr. Herman Dorsett, Woodard and L. Vaught, Florence Joseph, Paul Joseph, Elizabeth Marshall, Florence Strachan, Gladys Johnson, and Romania Wilson. Kudos to James and Marge Fayson, Demeritte, Mack, other officers and wives Stay tuned for more details regarding our scholarship and awards banquet. On Monday, January 16th staff from the 5000 Role Models of Excellence arrived early to put the finishing touches for the Dr. Martin Luther L. King 19th Unity Scholarship Breakfast, at the Jungle Island Treetop Ballroom.The Psi Phi Band rehearsed special songs for the occassion. As Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilsons voice filled the ballroom people rushed to their seats. She welcomed everyone and spoke about the many ways that this event brings us together as a community of many traditions, cultures, and diversity for the celebration of the legacy of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. She received a standing ovation when she stated, There are 8,000 students in 101 Miami-Dade County Schools and 62 will receive a scholarship during graduation time. She introduced toastmasters and Role Models Edward Harris, Dr. Rick Holton, Holton G. Eric Knowles. Bishop Victor T. Curry of New Birth Cathedral delivered the prayer and Rochelle Lightfoot electrified the audience singing, Believe In Yourself. Sixty-two honorees entered the ballroom as Pomp & Circumstance was played and Role Models Judges Antonio Arzola, Darrin Geyles, Donald Graham, Wendall Graham, Orlando Prescott, Fred Seraphin, Rodney Smith, William Thomas, and Daryl Trawick congratulated each of them. President Barack Obama was represented by Kerry Washington, an actress working with the president on encouraging people to get out and vote. Keynote speaker, Isiaah L.Thomas spoke about his growing up in Chicago and how he survived by playing professional basketball, worked hard and pushed and now is the mens basketball team at FIU. Knowles brought on The Highwaymen, a group of self taught artists that painted and displayed Poinciana Palms by James Gibson. The RME program will receive a portion of the profits from the project. Other guests included Senator Bill Nelson, Mayor Carlos A.Gimenez, Mayor Tomas Regalado, Katherine Fernandez, Alberto Carvalho, Robert Parker, Wilbert Holloway, Dr. Larry Handfield, Beverly and Lee Johnson, Annette and Jimmie Harrell, Rod Butler, Willie Granger, Michael Emmanuel, Arnold Knight, DJ Rudd, Patrenia D. Washington, Katie Williams, Gloria Roundtree, Dr. Alice Johnson and Abraham Thompson. According to Desiree Jackson, her father, William B. Jackson was given a copy of The Miami Times to read about his grandson, William B. Jackson, II. By Dr. Richard Strachan