Business takes aim at sports industry

admin | 1/25/2012, 7:30 a.m.

Bernard Poitier, Jr., leads company into the next frontier

In the eyes of many sports fanatics the court and field are where all the action is, but for one company the game starts on neither. Through The Go To Player Sports Show Corporation Bernard Poitier, Jr., 51-years-old, is zeroing in on sports from an entirely different angle. The show (The Go To Players Sports Show) is focused on health, wellness and fitness, he said. The show will take sports to a different level by showing a closer look at the game played off the field. We are trying to tap into the core of that magic and tell the amazing stories of legends. I created The Go To Players Sports Show because I wanted to make a different type of show. I wanted to make a show that looks at athletes for their up-bringing and where they came from. Poitiers roots run deep in the Miami area. The budding businessman is the son of Bernard Poitier, of the long-standing Poitier Funeral Home. Being raised under the entrepreneurial guidance of his father, it was only natural that he would pick up a thing or two about running a successful business. My fathers business had a great influence on me, he said. I picked up a few things from him. I take nothing for granted. I look at the resources that are available. And I always remember that I have to keep an open mind. The businessman adds that while he doesnt see local radio and television sports shows as competition he is preparing himself for a challenge. Poitiers show profiles the lives of current and former athletes. Currently Poitier is in negotiation to have his program broadcasted weekly. Im getting a great response from the things that Im doing with my company, he said. At this time I have a tentative agreement with a broadcasting company to air the show one day out of the week. That is something that I am working on to create exposure and get the brand name out there. While Poitiers business has only been around for about a year he says he has encountered challenges, but nothing he cant handle. Applying for government grants has been a problem to the growth of the company but I am not holding that as a crutch, he said. I trust in the Lord and believe that he will lead me to overcome different barriers, challenges and difficulties. By Randy Gricergrice@miamitimesonline.com