Producer takes aim at HIV/AIDS in Miami

admin | 1/25/2012, 7:30 a.m.

The pandemic of HIV/AIDS has been affecting the world since the late 80s and Miami has not been exempt. Peter Pericles, 27, a Haitian film maker from Miami, addresses the deadly disease in latest film project. The Warning is about a young lady who discovers the lessons of being proactive in practicing safe sex, he said. She takes a fantasy journey in her past, present and future to do so. She learns important facts about her friends and people in her circle and how they played roles in affecting her life. The message of the film is stay tested and stay protected. Pericles grew up in Miami but spent his summers in Brooklyn. He was inspired to make a film on AIDS because of a personal experience. I had a close friend who took his own life when he found out he tested positive, he said. In the memory of my friend I created a scene in my film where a character acts out a suicide scene. In respect to the family, the scene is different from what happened with my friend. Although Pericles funded the film himself and had a lot of support from friends of his who are actors he admits that the journey to create the Warning was rough. Finding sponsors and people who would commit was a huge challenge for, he said. It took me four years to shoot this film due the lack of the support for Black filmmakers in Miami.Pericles passion for making films came in his early teen years when he wrote and directed a short film called Alls Fair In Love And War. The film won honorable mention at the Miami Childrens Museum Film Festival. The film went on to air on HBO familys 30 by 30 Kids flick program. Creating a film on the history of Haiti and the saga that played out two years ago during the January 12th earthquake is also at the top of Pericles list of future projects. As a matter a fact I am interested in making a film about the devastation in Haiti, he said. I am working on a deal right now to do two films that are based on Haitis history. By Randy Grice rgrice@miamitimesonline.com