Street talk January 25, 2012

admin | 1/25/2012, 7:30 a.m.

Should ex-felons be allowed to work with children?

Godfrey Bastian, 62 Unemployed, Liberty City It is dangerous for the kids. I dont think that former felons should be working with children in the community. Annie Ford, 72Retired, Liberty City It really depends on what type of felony it is. If the felon was in jail for sexual abuse then that makes a difference. Raymond Willis, 78Unemployed, Liberty City Ex-felons can work with kids, it all depends on what type of felony the person had. If the felony had anything to do with harming children, then no. Jezer Mezidior, 46Truck driver, Miami Gardens No because it is a danger to the kids. An ex-felon should not work with children period. Michael Avorn, 45Transporter, New York If they are not sex offenders or anything like that I dont see why it should be a problem. They can really teach the children in the community so that they can help the children avoid becoming felons. Sylvester Daniels, 61Retired, Liberty City I say that they should be able to work with kids. It really just depends on what type of felony they had.