Rick Scott should welcome the health care law

caines | 7/4/2012, 5:30 a.m.

When Rick Scott first ascended the throne in Tallahassee, you had to wonder if he was the best governor that Florida could get. But with all of his millions he easily bankrolled his own campaign and controlled the rhetoric that was disseminated about his plans. Meanwhile, his opponent, Alex Sink, despite a decent platform, was lackluster at most. Even more, she took the Black vote for granted until the very last days of the race. The irony is Scott never pretended to be anyone else but who he is: a very rich, privileged conservative that rarely shows signs of compromise. But his recent announcement that he will not begin to implement the federal health care law because its bad policy and too costly is more than taxpayers should tolerate. Scott and his Republican cronies say they plan to fight the law and will wait until November convinced that Romney will win thus making it easy to repeal the law. For folks like Scott and his equally-wealthy friends, its easy to say lets wait a few more months. But tell that to Floridas estimated 3.8 million people, or 21 percent, that are uninsured. In addition, there are federal grants totaling millions of dollars that could improve all of our lives, but Scott has refused to accept them. Yet he says he cares about vulnerable Floridians? Is Scott talking with forked tongue? This is not the first time that state officials have been in direct opposition to the President or the Supreme Court. But this time its different we need not say why. As November approaches, Blacks should heed recent history. We allowed Scott to sail into office and were bamboozled by his Cheshire cat smile. But if we remain on our hands in November well get Romney in the White House with good old boy Scott as one of his most ardent supporters. That has the makings of a dangerous twosome.