Street Talk: July 4, 2012

caines | 7/4/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Is the Black Church still sacred to the Black community?

Lillie McFadden, 40Miami, unemployed Its sad to say, but I dont think that the Black church is sacred to the Black community. Not like it should be anyway. I just think that there are not as many Black churches involved in the Black community as there should be. Anthony Bell, 27Miami, counselor First and foremost, we need to establish what is the Black church. A Black church should be a place which embraces African consciousness and has supported Black people through everything weve been through over the past 500 years. There are only a few churches that meet that criteria by preserving, maintaining, sustaining and enriching the Black community. But when they do meet that standard, then yes, I feel that the Black community holds such churches as sacred. Traci Jackson, 46Miami, activist No and its because churches are too concerned about money nowadays. The art of preaching is to save a mans soul - and I dont think thats happening with Black churches. We have churches on nearly every corner of the Black community and yet things are not changing. So, churches are not really about helping the community. Benjamin Thomas, 55Miami, landscapist No because I dont think the Black church is sustaining the Black community. Im a greeter at Northside Church of God and my pastor teaches about going out into the community and really reaching out and helping out the local neighborhood. But many times, churches dont do that. Clarence Dotson, 59Miami, truck driver Yes, overall the church still is revered. But the recent thefts of some of these churches did disrespect the Black church. Disrespecting a church is like disrespecting the Lord. Its His house. Sometimes it does seem like people dont have much faith anymore. Sultane Adesina, 37Miami, nursing assistant No because younger kids today are more into rap music than they are into going to church.