The Miami Times to live tweet ENDGAME: AIDS in Black America documentary

admin | 7/10/2012, 12:25 p.m.

Tweet with The Times on Tuesday, July 10th

By: Julia Samuels The Miami Times will live-tweet PBS Frontline special ENDGAME: AIDS in Black America at 9 p.m. tonight [Tuesday, July 10]. As previously reported, the Miami-Dade County ranks number one in the U.S. for new AIDS cases. Among the startling data, Blacks accounted for 51.5 percent of AIDS cases in M-DC while only accounting for 20 percent of the Countys population. The time for discussion and awareness has thrust itself upon the residents of Miami and Broward County Broward is ranked just behind Miami-Dade. Magic Johnson was recently in Miami to lead discussion on how to provide greater medical services and reduce the number of infections in the Black community. The Miami Times will be tweeting and responding to tweets for the duration of the documentary and collecting questions for our readers to ask the filmmaker, Renata Simone for a live chat which will take place Wednesday, July 11 at 2 p.m. The documentary will trace the history of the HIV and AIDS virus and will tell the stories of Black Americans living with the virus. Share your opinions and concerns with us on Twitter and on our Facebook page tonight, Tuesday, July 10 at 9 p.m. Follow us on Twitter: @TheMiamiTimes and like us on Facebook: The Miami Times and be our friend on Facebook: TheMiamitimes Newspaper.