Chatter That Matters, July 11 - 17, 2012

admin | 7/12/2012, 5:53 a.m.

A royal salute goes out to President Rudolph Meadows, Chairperson Eunice J. Davis, Helen S. Boneparte, Fredericka Stewart and other members of Booker T. Washington Class of 1962 on the occasion of their 50 year reunion. The celebration began at New Shiloh Baptist Church, followed by a brunch fish fry, trip to the Seminole Casino and picnic. Kudos go out to Yvonne W. Harris,Isabella Rivers, Vera Barney, Betty Hunter,Gwendolyn Johnson, Connie R. Mitchell and Nathalee R. Poller for putting together an 88-page commemorative journal for the class that included tributes and sponsors such as Charlie Mae Alexander, Alonzo and Joan Puyol Ballard, Vera Barney,Richard Rudy Brown, Sr., Yvonne W. Harris, Valerie and Keisha,Betty Hunter, Jarrad Mitchell, Sybel Lee, Laurastine Pierce,Roberta Daniels, Franklin Clark, Dr. Preston Marshall and LaResia Golden. The celebration ended at Ebenezer UMC. Those in attendance included: Solomon Bostic, Jr., Nathalee Poller,Susie E. Gardner, Joan Puyol Ballard, Jean P. Munroe, Florence Berry, Yvonne W. Harris, Eunice J. Davis, Gwendolyn Johnson, Joan M. Washington, Sybel Lee, Vera Barney, Youther Eaford, Isabella Rivers, Rudolph Meadows, Naomi Myrick, Janie W. Brown, Betty F. Hunter, Helen R. Brown, Rosa V.Storr and Ralph McGruderJackie Mashack became the first Black Homecoming Queen at Miami Central Senior High after much campaigning from Alpha and Sharon and the twin brothers. Janet King became the first majorette while the Rockettes were organized to join the marching band members under the leadership of Mr. Kenneth Tolbert. Some of the charter members included: Pricilla Johnson, Cherlene Carr, Deborah Walker and Valarie Anderson. They grew to become Mamie Williams, Brenda Randle, Lila Ragin, Alma Ragin, Jill Matthews, Syble Brown, Vernal Foster,Cheree Roberts, Elizabeth Farrior, Lutricia Shaw, Andrea Johnson, Gail Cook, Raenatta Floyd, Sheila Owens, Loretta Warner, Marilyn Randall, ReginaAndrews, Yvette Knight, Janet Griffin, Crystal Weaver, Felice Holmes, Sharon Jackson, Valarie Johnson and Deborah Benjamin. Sympathy to the family of the late King Markolo/Dr. Carlton Fisher. History is replete with three deaths linked to Dorsey High: Susie West Francis, Mary Albury Ferrell and King Markolo. To describe Fisherin two words, I would say extraordinary person. As assistant principal at Comstock Elementary, he started The African Heritage Cultural and Art Club. He also organized the Miami-Dade Joint Alumni Coalition of Mays, Carver, Dorsey, Northwestern, Booker T. Washington and North Dade Jr.-Sr. He had the courage of a warrior, the character of a David and the heart of a lion. God gives us men of strong minds, great hearts and true faith. Fisherwas the epitome of them all. In the theater of life, he has taken his final bow and made his exit. The stage lights are down and the curtain is closed. Let us applaud a magnificent performance! By Dr. Richard Strachan