Street Talk: July 11, 2012

caines | 7/12/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Do you think that George Zimmerman is a flight risk?

Cuthbert Haywood, 49Miami, author Yes, I think that hes a flight risk because if a man tells you he doesnt have any money when he has a whole lot of money, theres only one reason he does that: to be able to take off and leave and buy another identity. Jolena Dukes, 18Virgin Islands, unemployed Yes. Some people might want to hurt him now that hes out so that could make him scared enough to leave the country. Sannita Vaughn, 46Miami, unemployed Yes. Besides, I dont feel its right for him to get out. If anyone else had killed a child, they would have to suffer the consequences of being in jail. Andre Ross, 47Miami, warehouse worker Yes, because he had all of that money that was donated to him. The thought has to be on his mind to just run away. John Dukes, 42Miami, entrepreneur Yes, he shouldnt have been let out of jail at all. Its not fair. Ollie Tillman, 48Miami, unemployed Absolutely. He lied to a judge already, so whats to say that he wouldnt do anything else. If he wanted to have a passport or not, he has the means [enough money] to leave the country. If it had been anyone else, no matter their nationality, they would have been in jail. But because his father is a judge and has influence, [Zimmerman] was let out jail.